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=> Tutoring for all levels.
=> One-to-one home tuitoring service.
=> Individual lesson plans for all students.
=> We teach all the subjects to princing level to post graduate level.
=> We also provide online tuition at worldwide.

Drawing Class

=> Drawing class, Learn, Create and Enjoy!
=> The creative workshop, kids Nation art school for all ages,has a class for you.


=> Changing lives for Lifetime Success.
=> Karate Builds.
=> Concentration.
=> Self Discipline.
=> Self Defence.
=> Self Confidence.
=> We also orgenise state level and national level compititions.


=> twist and turns is all about dance!
=> Learn to dance from the professionals.
=> Connect your body & soul.
=> Improve your posture & balance.
=> Release stress & gain higher flexibility & strength.

Spoken English

=> Training in Spoken English & IELTS.
=> Speak confidently.
=> Sharpen your English.
=> Sharpen more Successfully.
=> Expend your vocabulary.
=> We help you improve your English, Communication Skills , weather you are a Student, a Graduate or a Professional.

Day Care

=> Child care or day care's the care of a child during the day by a person other than the child's legal graduations, typically performes by someone outside the child's immediate family.
=> We will care your child and provide special service.

Play School

=> childhood is the most beautiful of all life's season.
=> Education is to get where you can start to learn.
=> Kids Nation play school where playing is learning & learning is fun.
=> We provide many oppurtunities for children to learn, to play and intereact with their friends.

Vedic Maths

=> A workshop based on Ancient indian mathematics for easy computation & for productive thinking.
=> It is fastest & easiest Technique.
=> It is all about few to multiply big no's within few seconds. lets learn fastest & easiest vedic maths pricks.